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Meet the Team

Monique London

Owner and Creative Director, Monique created London Ivy out of a need for Canadian-made quality products that helped to achieve radiant hair and skin. Frustrated with a market that was heavily based below the border with large mark-ups and limited availability, our products were developed to fill this void. With over ten years of formulation experience, each product exemplifies the best nature has to offer. We provide more than just a luxury product; this is a lifestyle shift that incorporates products, education, and events to help embrace your natural hair and skin. 



Ariel Moore

Manager of Sales, Ariel, a trained esthetician and makeup artist, who provides amazing customer service at all of our vending. Able to identify various skin and scalp conditions she provides mini consultations to customers, helping them choose the right product for their need. She also helps to manage our social media presence and is the face of our headwrap tutorials! 




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