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We wholeheartedly believe in our products and so do our customers!  

Here are a few reviews:

"Definitely glad I found your line of wonderful products. I actually have the "Holy Grail" which I use at least once a week and it has helped my curls immensely. The "Coco Bliss" I've come accustom to using on my skin after a shower. I think because I have finer strands of hair the oils pull my curls down but it definitely hydrates my skin. Especially in winter!" - Anna A., Toronto


"Hello Ladies, [I] bought the smooth operator at the Hair Show on the weekend and I'm in LOVE. It gave my hair such a boost and the shine is great. Keep up the great work!!!" - Ameedah F., Toronto 


"I bought the Coco Bliss and Lib Balm when I was in Toronto during Carnival wknd and would like to order more. Can't wait!" - C. Q, New York


"Hello, I recently purchased your Fresh Start Mud Mask for the first time at the Toronto natural hair show last weekend.  All I can say is, WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  It is amazing awesome, and I didn't use it on my hair!  I used it on my face.

 I don't even know where to begin, I swear you have created the foundation of youth.  FSMM took the wrinkles off my face!!  No kidding, my face looks and feels like I've had it botoxed.  I'm afraid to tell you this for fear you'll raise the price on this little gold mine.  It's a freaking miracle in a jar. I used it at night, left it on for 10 minutes, rinsed with warm water. My face was glowing and soft as a new born baby's bottom.  I called my friend screaming this morning to tell her to use hers on her face.  she was also at the hair show and bought one.

My face is usually very oily, It's now close to 20 hrs since I put FSMM on my face, and there is no shine on my face.  And my face still feels tight.  Oh my Lord.  I love you guys!!!!!  You need to market this as a facial anti-aging product!!  Middle age women and men would buy it like water for sale in the desert.

I am so glad I discovered your products, I'm telling all my friends!!  Thank you!!" - Karen, Pickering


"I think your products are great. They represent many of the concepts that I also believe in. My hair is doing so much better now." - C.M, Alaska



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