Press: Review by Ari of Afrochronicles876

Excerpt from her full review below: 

...."What more could you ask for in a all Natural product!  I was so excited to be able to meet with the creator of this Company as well as the privilege to work with her and to try out her products. 

The products I got were Holy Grail Premium Conditioner, Fresh Start which is a Invigorating hair Mud wash (My Fav) , Coco Bliss , and Sealed which are both hair and body serums.
  I wet my hair and used the Fresh Start Mud wash on my scalp only to desolve any build up I had. I then wrapped my hair for about 20 mins then rinsed with my regualr shampoo, and my hair and scalp came out pretty clean without feeling stripped.

I Used the Holy Grail Conditioner to detangle. Now! one thing with my hair is that it loves thick conditioners and lots of slip (silicone) to really detangle my Kinks, But this conditioner has no Silicone yet I was able to comb through my hair easily and I love the thick consistency of it ,.."

To read full review and see photos of the finished style click here  

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