Why switch from 'shampoo' to Mud Mask?

The mix of Dead Sea Mud and Moroccan volcanic clay extracts impurities from your hair, deep cleaning and conditioning it, without leaving a residue.

Our mineral rich Fresh Start Mud Mask
• fortifies your natural hair. 
• detoxifies your scalp.
• provides lasting results.

When you apply it to clean hair, and then wear a plastic cap or heating cap, the heat generated opens up the cuticle, or outer layer, of your hair. The mixture then works as a sponge, removing dirt, impurities, and excess oils from the hair.

Because it is a high quality mud and clay mix, it is easily removed from the hair through rinsing.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Some customers who were already avoiding the use of heavy silicone's, sulfates, and harsh chemical detergents tend to notice a change right away. Those that used a had a regime filled with silicone's and coating agents reported it took three to six washes before their hair adjusted to their new natural shampoo alternative. We call this process "detoxing your hair". 

Several customers have reported that during this detox process their hair felt 'worse' before it felt "amazing". This is because your hair is transitioning from being coated and covered in harsh chemicals, designed to mask your hair rather than repair, and adjusting to the new process. 

* We suggest adding additional moisture to your routine during this process. Also to follow up each Mud Wash with the Holy Grail Premium Conditioner or a Herbal Cider Rinse to give an added boast before applying a moisturizer/leave-in and sealing in that moisture with a Serum.

How often should I use a Cleansing Conditioner? 

You will notice with extended use that you may no longer feel the need to wash as frequently. Listen to your tresses and use according to your hairs current needs. 

How do I use it? 
It is best applied in a similar process that one would use for a Deep Conditioner (DC). 

After one application you *may* notice:   
• Improvement in natural texture, strength and appearance of your hair.
• Increased sheen and curl definition.
• Improved manageability, softness and slip.

For best results clarify with the a Herbal Cider Rinse prior to using a Detox Mud wash

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