The Politics of Black Hair | The series: Inaugural Event

The Politics of Black Hair: The Series
Topic: Is protective styling political or simply a style choice? PURCHASE TICKETS HERE 
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The Politics of Black Hair Inaugural Event

For centuries, women of colour have been told that their hair in its natural state isn't good enough.

Do we judge black women by whether or not they straighten their hair? Is a protective style(weave/ wig/ braids/ twists) a political hairstyle? Can you style your hair anyway you want or are you always making a political statement?

Our inaugural event will not only be a celebration of our heritage, but also be an opportunity to begin a dialogue amongst our community. This series is intended to create a space where we can discuss the social, economic, historical, and environmental factors concerning Black Hair. Our hope is that at the end of every event someone will leave feeling empowered and enlightened.

Panelists include:
- Toni Daley, Vlogger/ Jewelry Designer/ Artist,
- Natural Neiicey, Vlogger and Natural Hair Enthusiast
- Keina Morgan, Licensed Curly Hair Specialist
- Nicky "Splinta24", Vlogger and Natural Hair Enthusiast

This event:
- Held on Sunday February 22, 2015 from 1:30 - 5:00 PM
- Hosted at Harlem Restaurant in The Renaissance Room (67 Richmond St East)
- We will be hosting sponsored giveaways and a raffle

Interested in receiving a media pass? Contact: by February 19,2015 with 'Media Request'in the subject line.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Contact: by February 17,2015 with 'Sponsorship Request'in the subject line

Sponsors include:
London Ivy Products

Toni Daley and youtube @tonidaley80

Harlem Restaurant

Keina Morgan

Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics

Nathalie Atanda and Jerome Clarke-Singh

Glamour Kisses Jewelry

Yes Lioness

Kinky Curly Yaki

Latoya Ming
Red Sauce & Teacups

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